Saturday, October 10, 2009

Youth With A Mission at last...

So i made it here to Pichilemu safe and sound....long bus ride but i saw a lot of random stuff on the way. A rooster was picking on the hens, kids were playing futbol with a ball of trash, and the most beautiful country side EVER. green fields, yellow flowers, pine trees, palm trees. And waves crashing on the coast. I got dropped off and if it weren't for the 3 chilean girls waiting for me i would have had no idea where to go. The picked me up and we walked up the dirt road to where we'll be staying for the next 3 months. I live in a cabana with 5 other girls...3 chileans, 1 girl from Lima Peru, and one girl from Chicago who goes to school at North Carolina. They are so fabulous. There are 10 students in my sports DTS, and then about 60-70 other students at the YWAM base at Pichilemu. There are 7 guys in the sports DTS as well. One guy from Spain, one from Argentina, one from Peru, one (maybe two) from Chile (jorge still hasn't arrived), and two from the US (Texas and California). And everyone clicks. My classes are bilingual so we have a translator cuz not everyone speaks Spanish and not everyone speaks English. On Thursday we walked to Punto de Lobos (google it, it's sweet) along the beach, and then a bunch of us ran back. It was 6 km. Me and guy leader from Peru were in the middle and we talked in Spanish all the way back. It was great. I didn't think I was gonna make it that far cuz I haven't ran in a while, but did. Thanks to Gabriel, my ex army running buddy. He distracted me from my legs. Amy, the girl from Chicago, was a workout class instructor and a weight trainer, and she has made my arms and legs SO sore from workouts the last two days. Last night it poured down rain, and we had to walk (or slip) up the hill to our cabanas. It was so fun, and then me and the two other girls talked really late...good old fashioned female bonding. Today was SuperSabado. Kids from all over Pichilemu come to the base to play sports, do skits, and swim. We have a message for the kids at the end, but today we played volleyball, futbol, did some dancing and had skits. the overall message was God is always with us.
My time here I know is going to be amazing. God is already challenging me physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. We get up at 630 every morning and go go go in classes, doing sports, giong to meals, doing small group stuff, or quiet times, and bedtime is 1030. and after running 6km the other day, i embraced that bed and bedtime with big wide open arms. i think i'm hungry like 75% of the time, they don't feed us great, but I'v bought food and the market is a 15 minute walk.
I sit up in the cyber cafe, looking out towards the coast, and can hear horses, dogs, sheep, cars, waves, you name it. the other day i was sitting there wondering how loud the world is to God, with all of praying in our heads at the same time to him. He's pretty great and I'm excited to get to know him better.
Well that's all for now, it's lunch time and YO TENGO HAAAMBRE!!!

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