Monday, October 5, 2009

A Weekend in Passing

So I spent the whole weeked in Valparaíso, going to my favorite places and bars and visiting old friends. I danced Salsa, and drank from a beer tower, and went to a birthday party. I spent Saturday all day sleeping and recovering from my travels and night out. Sunday I went to the church i went to a few times while i was here in 2007. However, in 2007 I only went a few times cuz I didn´t understand much and would prefer to rest or hang out with the familia. Then the house was filled with people and friends of the family. Hitomi, my 2007 roomy, came for lunch. We ate out on the patio and the weather was perfect and the people were awesome. The house brother from Chile, José, cooked an awesome pasta dinner, with mushrooms, yes, i ate mushrooms, much to my dismay. They made honeydew juice. SO GOOD! they just put frozen honeydew in the blender and it came out creamy and delicious. Some family were here from Santiago. There is an old lady, prbly about 60 (?), who has a mental disability. She is so sweet, but I woke up that morning to her standing in the corner of my bedroom staring at me. SO strange. Bu she doesn´t know any better and she´s so sweet just always holding her doll. I don´t understand a single word she says, but oh well!
Chile can, and will, show anything on TV. My house family loves TV. Soap operas, reality TV, you name it. We were watching the other night, and some people decided to sponser women´s boob jobs. SO, since the TV show and the public are paying for the boob jobs, they get to see everything. On TV, they show women before and after the surgery, bare-busted. They showed the whole surgery from removal of certain parts to stitches and cutting and inserting...and yuck. I was really grossed out and no longer support fake anything. That´s just a taste of the wacky chile. And I still love it.
Then yesterday afternoon a bunch of gringas went up to my favorite place in all of Valparaíso. 21 de mayo. It has an asensor (elevator from about 90 or so years ago, lol) that goes up the side of the hill to the top. Then there is an old blue Victorian house than hangs over the cliffs. There are little street vendors up there, and a cute little gazebo. The sun sets behind that hill, so you look out across the bay at sunset, the clouds turn bright orange and pink, and then reflect off the buildings across the bay. Then the sun goes down and the hills light up with street lamps. SO incredible.
Today i got a cell phone, so if anyone wants to call me i THINK you can at this number: 011-56-9-9 191 95 86.
Then i went to buy a bus ticket to pichilemu and got all nervous about what´s ahead, and, all pride aside, i cried. i have to carry my luggage, and i´m not totally sure of where i´m going or how long it´ll take to get there, but i have Chile On A Shoestring, and Jesus, so i can handle it. My house dad made me a comfort dessert. Manjar (mon-har) on a banana with sprinkles. It´s one of my favorites.
SO i know i´ll survive and i´ll have wonderful travel stories soon. Big waves here i come!
Tonight is my last night in Valpo so i´m off to hang out with my friends, and hopefully Amelie. Nap first, then dinner. So pray for me as I venture off!!

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