Tuesday, October 20, 2009

And the fruit of the Spirt is...

Hey all!! I know it's been a while since I last wrote, AND oh my GOODNESS lots has happened.

Last Sunday, Oct 11, I got to worship in Portuguese, Spanish, and English, all in the same service. I sat next to a lady named Vivi who brings so much light into this world and truly shows her love of Christ to others. I hung out all day with two guys from Peru and really got to practice my Spanish. That night we had sports DTS bonding and made spagetti and rice pudding (arroz con leche)...SO good. One of the guys in the group, david, is a chef in Lima and he makes the BEST food ever.

Monday was my birthday!! Feliz Cumpleanos! It was a great day. I got to breakfast and the whole group sang to me. Then we had quiet times and amazing prayer by the pool, and then they threw me in the pool, fully clothed...it's tradition. Then right before lunch they brought me my favorite CHilean dessert, mil hojas, and it was amazing!! That afternoon i took a nap before cleaning the cabana, and then went to class and had a very relaxing day over all.

Tuesday, we went surfing for the first time as a group!! SO fun, but SO hard. we were paddling so hard and going nowhere fast, i caught a couple and stood up once, but fell of right away, and then a huge wave practically ate me alive, and made me tired, so i just played in the freeeezing cold water.

Then wednesday, Amy, from Michigan, taught kickboxing. SO funny. It was our whole sports DTS, and i have to say, kickboxing must be an art and you have to be very coordinated to do it. I also had a cold that started that day, and my nose was SO stuffed up. YUCK

This weekend was a big emotional roller coaster for pretty much everyone. We all were feeling very overwhelmed and attacked by Satan, so we all just did our own thing. I went to the beach both days, the first day we just hung out, chatted, and played guitar. And then me, a chilean, and the Spaniard went to eat Chorrillanas, a delicious Chilean food with french, beef, onions, and egg all piled together. MMMMMM. Sunday, church started 45 minutes late, welcome to South America, and lasted til 1.45 in the afternoon. Worship was wonderful though. ANd then i went to the beach, went surfing again, and played in the wave pools that rush back and forth and the only thing that keeps you in one place is holding on to the seaweed, yuck. Then sunday night, we had the worlds best barbeque. One of the Argentinian's cooked the meat, a Peruvian made the rice, and the chilean's made the salad. I was so stuffed, and we finished the night off with a big dance party around the bonfire we just randomly made in our dirt front yard. Great bonding.

The Lord is really teaching me a lot about LOTS of stuff. I'm learning better communication, especially boldness in speaking spanish. I have a friend teaching my RRRR now. I'm reading a book called "Is that realy you, God?" and it's making me see all the things i'm learning about in my classes actually applied to someone's life. The author is Loren Cunningham, the founder of YWAM. Also, having a strict schedule (that is followed sometimes) is very humbling after having been independent and accountable to no one for the last 4 years. I'm learning about discipline, and self-control in very random ways. In my quiet times i'm reading Ezekiel, and learning about obeying God. And my friend Mark is in awe a how many Bible verses i have memorized.
My classes have been about Knowing God, Hearing God's VOice, Quiet Times, Intercession prayer (which I love), Worship and Adoration, Biblical Evangelism, Fear of God, and Truth vs. Emotions. These are challenging and pushing me to new levels. My pride is being knocked down, my body is being pushed to new limits, and I'm learning how to LIVE and GROW with many different cultures playing into the picture.
Well i'm off to do my "chores" and then to class!!
May God bless your day!!!

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