Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So lots has happened this week, and it's only wednesday...poop. I am being so challenged with everything. One of our team is leaving today for good. He doesn't feel that he can fulfill what God is calling him to do in his time in the DTS, so he's off to work in a food shelter for street kids in a Mapuche town. The Mapuche are the indigenous of chile. VERY interesting.
But he's leaving in about 2 hours. Two nights ago we threw him in the pool as a last hurrah, and the WHOLE DTS and the surfers from Cali are here for a mission trip. We were up till midnight just jumping in and out of the pool, slowly getting everyone thrown in.
Then last night something very sad came to us. One of the guys in our group is very close to turning his back on God. He's never really been loved, nor does he have an accurate representative of a father, so it's hard for him in everything related to Jesus and God. So pray for him. Don't let him turn to the ways of the world. We prayed for a while last night, everyone crying. There are events that have happened in our group that have divided us, but with this, and surprisingly Exequiel's departure, we are being brought back together. Half the dts is in santiago for CONOSUR...which is a gathering of all the YWAM's in chile, argentina, peru and bolivia. Lucky five of us are still here because we can't afford to be away from the activities here at the sports center and lose ministry opportunities.
SO pray for us all. For unity, perserverance and strength as this week lots is changing and so man y are coming and going.
In spite of all this i still managed to get to the beach to go horseback wonderful!!!
Full gallop canter whatever down the beach. And my horse loved the water so I was in the waves practically. I did get a little nervous and now have a blister on my finger from holding so tight. But it was well worth it. The sun,waves, and horse, and the laughter of everyone was a perfect reminder that God is in control. He loves us all and wants peace in our hearts.
Miss you all so much and wish i could get a bucketload of hugs!!

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